Researcher Role Expertise
Prof. dr. Clara H. Mulder (Groningen) Coordinating Principal Investigator Residential mobility and migration;household formation and dissolution; housing; distances between family members; well-being in relation to the other four themes
Prof. dr. Michael Wagner (Cologne) Principal Investigator Social demography; family sociology; sociology of education; life course and ageing research; research methods, mainly meta-analysis
Prof. dr. Hill Kulu (St Andrews) Principal Investigator Family, fertility and migration dynamics; European population; demographic analysis; event history analysis; multilevel modelling
Dr. Sandra Krapf (Cologne) Researcher Family sociology; fertility of migrants; residential decisions in the life course
Dr. Julia Mikolai (St Andrews) Researcher Partnership dynamics; partnership histories; transition to first birth; life course research; multi-state (event history) models; European population; residential mobility
Dr. Michael Thomas (Groningen) Researcher Population geography; residential mobility and internal migration; multilevel modelling